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Team Composites

Group Composite Photos

Editable Group Portraits for Full Control & Versatility

Your business is always changing and expanding, and it isn’t always easy to reassemble your entire team every time you hire a new employee or promote one to management.

Business team composites feature individual images on the same background, merged into one image. Each person is photographed separately with the same lighting set-up, and “photoshopped” into a single image. Since each subject is it’s own photo within the composite, we can move around and re-pose the subjects as needed, even taking someone out from the center of the photo.

Group Photos of Geographically Diverse Teams

Composites are especially helpful for national or international companies that would like a group photo but cannot physically get the subjects into the same location. Companies with high turnover, who know the team photo will be outdated quickly, or updated frequently, can also save time by doing a composite.

Ease of Updating

Composites also allow individuals to update their image as often as they like, while letting the ones who want to keep the same image do that. People often want to update their online presence after weight loss, a pregnancy, or other change of appearance, and this allows your business to have up to date and honest images of your staff.

In the event of an unexpected termination or quitting, GFP can remove individuals from your site immediately, allowing you to avoid any undue negative publicity or awkward questions.

What kinds of businesses tend to choose composites?

  • Law Firms – add or remove lawyers and paralegals as employment and titles change
  • Medical Practices – docctors and nurses come and go from the group
  • Financial Firms – add and remove analysts, directors, and advisors
  • Worldwide Companies – too hard to gather entire team together at once

If a composite group photo is optimal for your business, contact GFP now for more information.

San Francisco Team Composite Photos