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Save Time by Having Professional Portraits Taken in Your Own Office

In the hustle and bustle of today’s corporate world, you know updated headshots are a necessity but it’s hard to take time out of your busy day to assemble staff members and transport them all to a different location for photos.

Quick and Easy, in Your Workplace

We offer a variety of backdrops and we bring the studio to you, so you take less time out of your packed schedule. No arranging for multiple people to waste time traveling the San Francisco busy streets– all your employees are already on site and will each only miss a few minutes of the work day.

GFP will photograph you and your staff in front of a background that suits your company’s brand and aesthetic. Or, you can use the interior of your workspace as the background, if you would like a portrait at your desk, in your medical office, or by your computer.

Subjects Choose Favorites, We Retouch

Both groups and individuals can be photographed on site, and we offer the option to schedule annual or semi-annual headshot sessions at your office to photograph new hires and update tenured employees. Each subject will choose the images he or she likes immediately after the photos are taken, and within 3-5 business days you will have the retouched versions in your inbox, ready to upload.

Professional Hair and Make Up Add-On

A hair and makeup professional is available for hire, if you’d like to offer the options of a quick touch up before the photo shoot. Pricing for individual headshots is on a sliding scale, and the cost per person decreases with each additional subject added.

Refresh your web presence with as little time out of your schedule as possible. Contact GFP today and let’s choose a date!

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