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Consistent and Professional Headshots for Law Firms

Gustavo Fernandez Photography creates headshots for businesses of all types and sizes, but a large portion of his work is done for law offices in the San Francisco area. Attorneys and their teams are attracted to the flexibility and ease of getting their headshots created and routinely updated as their practices continue to grow. GFP’s imagery is crisp, clean, and professional — your new headshots will let people know you mean business.

Taking Less Time Out of Your Day

Gustavo will bring the studio to you, saving you precious time. Our seamless process assures that employees will only miss a few minutes out of the busy workday — with as little disruption to your schedule as possible.

Once we arrive, we set up in your conference room or meeting area and file through each team member one by one. We can also do group photos of your entire office staff or smaller group breakdowns like the partners, associates, and paralegals.

Scheduled Headshot Updates

We often set up annual or biannual photo shoots to photograph new hires. At this time we also invite tenured staff to update their headshots, to ensure all images are current. Clients want to know who they are hiring, and are turned off when they meet someone in person who looks nothing like their photo. Faces and hair change, and so do clothing styles, so we recommend updating your headshot yearly.

Executive Style Photos

Some firms prefer more executive style portraits of their managing partners or other VIPs, which may be cropped a little further back than a typical headshot, and may show the arms and hands. Posing the subject in this way allows for more control over what you are trying to portray. Something as simple as the position of your arms can make the difference between you being seen as a compassionate defender or an assertive prosecutor.

Location Flexibility

If you prefer to have your portraits made in front of your desk, or in front of the courthouse or law office, Gustavo Fernandez photography offers on-location business portraits as well as environmental portraits in the SF Bay Area.

Questions? Check out our FAQ. View full pricing here, and contact Gustavo Fernandez Photography when you are ready to improve your online image!

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