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Headshots: What to Wear

What to Wear for Your Headshot Session

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How to Look your best for your upcoming headshot

What you wear is a big part of how you present yourself, and while you can physically change your clothes from day to day and from situation to situation, your headshot photo cannot. Together we will create a photo that will represent you.


  • Choose attire you would normally wear for executive meetings or to meet with clients.
  • Bring more options than you think you will use, especially anything we can mix and match.
  • Avoid anything seasonal or too trendy. We want to create a timeless look that will wear well no matter the season.
  • Test every outfit to make sure it’s comfortable and fits well. Have a spouse or friend give an honest opinion.
  • Be sure all clothing is cleaned, ironed, and photo-ready.
  • Bring everything hung separately on hangers in order to avoid wrinkles. Wearing the items while driving can cause unwanted creases or folds in the materials.

Color and Fit

  • Most men wear a shirt and suit jacket, necktie optional. We can do photos with and without the jacket or tie.
  • Select vibrant, solid colors that complement your skin tone. Some texture is ok.
  • Avoid busy patterns, such as plaid or paisley, or anything that distracts from your face.
  • Don’t wear shirts with large logos or text on them.
  • Avoid any material that shines, shimmers, or sparkles. Sequins will reflect onto your face.
  • Longer dark hair contrasts better with lighter-colored tops or jackets.
  • Choose clothing that is fitted rather than loose. Loose or baggy clothing can make you appear heavier. Also avoid clothing that is too tight, for the same reason.
  • Layers work great- bring along a jacket or two for some variety in looks.
  • Full length or three-quarter sleeves work best. Sleeveless tops or camis are okay if layered under another top, wrap, or jacket. Avoid showing the arms, the only skin tone visible in your headshot should be your face and neck.
  • Women: avoid anything too low cut or revealing. Scoop, Crew, and V-Necks work well.
  • Women: be sure to bring undergarments that you would normally wear under each outfit, since some may require different styles or cuts. Be cautious of lacy or textured undergarments not looking smooth under thin materials. Smooth nude or skin toned bras are usually best.

Hair and Makeup

  • Keep makeup natural and matte.
  • Avoid anything that shimmers, glitters, or shines.
  • If you are prone to shiny skin, consider dusting on a translucent face powder just before the shoot.
  • Style hair the way you would for a professional function.
  • Consider using a professional hair and makeup person.

Jewelry, Glasses, and other Accessories

  • Wear glasses if you usually wear glasses; we can photograph some photos with and some without if you’d like.
  • Avoid flashy or overly large earrings and necklaces. Keep jewelry simple or even go without. If you have something that you think really works well or you just aren’t sure, bring it with you, and we can make a final decision when you get here.
  • Men, a nice watch can work well in poses that show your hands. If you normally wear one, go ahead and bring it.

Read our FAQs, How to Prepare for Your Headshot Session, and What to Expect from Your Headshot Session for more information. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we look forward to seeing you for your headshot session.

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