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San Francisco Area Headshot Composites

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Exclusive Headshot Backgrounds that Stand Out from the Competition

The San Francisco Area has many high rise office buildings and great, open air spaces. One unique way to show off your company photos is to have them taken in your office, either with your workspace as the backdrop, or a view of the San Francisco city skyline.

The Problem with Outdoor Images

The nature of photos featuring outdoor spaces and natural light leaves a lot to consider; changing weather conditions could make one team member have a sunny backdrop, but another may have rain clouds. Or, you may not be able to photograph the entire team at one time or in one place, but still want a consistent, outdoor background.

The Solution to Changing Outdoor Backgrounds

Gustavo Fernandez Photography offers a solution to these challenges with headshot composites.

With these composites, GFP will photograph the desired background in your office or workplace, for a consistent image with the exact same crop, exposure, and tone. Then, we will photograph each team member individually on a white backdrop, and photoshop those headshots onto your chosen background.

Consistent and Unique to Your Company

This assures no other company has the same photos, yours will be 100% exclusive to your business. Additionally, any new hires or team members or executives that are not local can be added to this background at any time, we will keep it on file for future headshot sessions.

If you’re in need of new corporate headshots, but would like something different than the traditional white or gray backdrop, headshot composites may be the perfect solution for your company. Contact GFP today for a custom quote.

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