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Headshots for Financial Advisors, Investors, & Wealth Management

Finance professionals are a large aspect of Gustavo Fernandez Photography’s clientele. Investment firms, wealth management, accounting firms, mutual fund companies, brokerage firms, insurance companies, venture capitalists, and banks/credit unions all display photos of their VIPs online, because their clients want to see who they are trusting to handle their money.

If you are a financial firm in the San Francisco area, chances are your business is expanding, and you frequently add new hires to your team. GFP can provide your company with consistent, top-notch headshots that portray you and your associates the way you want to be seen: as trustworthy, knowledgeable, and experienced.

A white background is commonly used for headshots in the financial community, and times are allowing for slightly more casual wear than a decade ago — neckties are no longer a necessity — and the crisp white backdrop gives a clear photo of the subject while maintaining a professional yet friendly presence.

Many times financial firms want team photos as well, either in front of your office building or on a backdrop. In situations where not all members are available for the photo, we offer team composites where we photograph each person individually and merge them into one group photo, which remains easily editable in case we need to add or remove any subjects as your company grows.

If you are looking for something more than your typical head-and-shoulders headshot, GFP can photograph more executive style portraits, where they are cropped a little further back and show more of your body. Hands and arms can be posed to change how you are portrayed, from gentle and understanding to assertive and direct, or anything in between.

Are you a financial firm that needs consistent and professional individual headshots or group portraits? Read up on FAQs here, check out the pricing, and then contact GFP today.