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How to Make Your Company’s Web Presence More Professional with Corporate Headshots

All businesses small and large need a website, and now more than ever, potential clients like to see the face of the person on the other end of the phone or email. Showcasing your team online with friendly, welcoming photos will allow clients to feel like they know you, which instills confidence and trust. Additionally, professional quality images let the world know that you take your work seriously and are willing to hire the most qualified people for every job.

Not Just For Executives

Years ago, headshots were reserved for the C-level executives, but nowadays, every professional should have one. All online business and social media sites have a place to upload your profile photo, and we have all judged the people using the awkwardly cropped snapshots where you can see it was taken at someone’s wedding with a cell phone camera.

Headshots Build Trust

With the non stop technological advancements being made, consumers are getting smarter and are learning how to better judge company websites and photos. They can tell if you are using a bunch of stock images to advertise your work, especially if your competitors have those same stock photos! Not displaying authentic images creates a disconnect and breeds distrust, causing the user to leave the site. When potential clients see real photos of you and your employees, they feel more like they are interacting with real people, which gives you a head start in your business to client relationship.

When you visit a new website to look for a professional service, don’t you prefer to see who you are dealing with?

Give your clients that same satisfaction and contact GFP to help coordinate your company headshots today!

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