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How to Increase Trade Show Attendance and Make Your Employees Excited for the Event

With all the trade shows, conferences, and expos going on these days, it is hard to stand out from the crowd and not have a similar booth or display area to the other vendors in your field. Imagine if there was a mini photo studio, with professional headshots going on all day long, incorporated into your booth.

Sponsored Headshots at Conventions

Many large companies choose to sponsor either a high or low resolution headshot for LinkedIn to convention attendees to draw attention and create buzz. Interested subjects can swing by and get their photo taken, and your business can send the finished images to them for immediate access! If you prefer, you can send it after the event, with your marketing materials attached. We know your time is valuable, so we deliver the images to you with the subject’s first and last name in the filename, for easy reference and distribution.

Headshots for Large Companies

For company specific gatherings, headshots for all your employees is an excellent way to make your staff feel valued, as well as drum up internal excitement for your upcoming event. Even those who dislike getting behind the lens can appreciate a good photo of themselves, and that builds confidence which leads to happy employees. Every team member will receive a photo of themselves where they are looking their best, and your business will have cohesive, professional portraits for every employee. These portraits can be used on your corporate website and social media platforms, as well as in email signatures, internal publications, and marketing materials.

To fill this growing need, Gustavo Fernandez Photography created The Headshot Station — a no-hassle, efficient solution for volume headshots at corporate events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Incorporated into Your Display

We bring a small portrait studio, complete with backdrop, lights, and photo equipment. We set up right next to your booth, or, if you would like the studio to be incorporated into your booth, we can provide this type of activation. Gustavo and his team have a tried and true process for efficiently photographing a large amount of individuals, but still being able to devote a few minutes to each person to finesse them into a pose and expression that represents both the subject and your company’s brand.

Each headshot station can photograph about 40 people per hour, and requires roughly 10’x20’ of space. Headshot Stations can be booked for 4 or 8 hour days, and you have the option of adding a makeup artist for a quick touch up before each person steps in front of the camera. Read the full pricing and FAQs for more information.

Are you interested in setting up a Headshot Station at your next big event? Contact GFP today!

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