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San Francisco Step and Repeat PhotosStep and Repeat PhotographyStep and Repeat Photos in San Francisco

Bring the Red Carpet Experience to Your Corporate Event

Step and repeat photography is called “step and repeat” because a subject will “step” into place, get photographed, and then the next subject follows and “repeats” the process. It is often used at corporate events for more formal, photobooth style imagery but in front of a backdrop featuring your logo and often the name or branding for the event.

Why Step and Repeat?

The allure of this type of photography at large events is that every couple or small group can be photographed, often as they arrive, in a short amount of time. Your corporate and event branding is behind the subjects in every portrait, so when these images are shared, every person that sees them will see your company name, increasing your brand recognition.

For the business owner or marketing specialist, these images are great for promoting events, increasing brand awareness, and building up excitement about your event.

Great for All Types of Events

Step and repeat images can be set up for any type of large gathering; the most common ones we photograph at GFP are formal events and after parties for sporting events. For formal or black tie events — galas, balls, parties, or other formal gatherings — attendees get the red carpet style photos they fancy. For after parties, the photos are more carefree and candid, sometimes slightly rowdy, and more photobooth style.

Custom Backdrop Printing

Gustavo Fernandez Photography has been photographing events for over a decade, and can provide you with everything you need to get your step and repeat station exactly how you want it. We can print the background banners, or your business can provide its own.

Branded Instant Image Delivery

At the event, guests are guided through the process and we even offer the option to provide instant access to the images on their devices, just minutes after they are taken! A branded email can be sent to each attendee that looks as if it came directly from your company. All images will then all be added to an online gallery that you can access or share, as well as sent via digital download to your inbox.

Give your event the red carpet treatment, contact Gustavo Fernandez Photography today for a customized quote.

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