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How to Showcase Alumni Appreciation Through Photographs

Alumni are an important part of your organization’s family, and one way to show your appreciation is through special events. In addition to colleges and universities, it is not uncommon within the Fortune 500 and other large companies to have some form of alumni program, offering networking events, discounts, and seminars to employees who have left the company but remained on good terms.

Marketing with Event Photography

Share the energy of your event on social media with candid shots of guests mingling, reminiscing on old memories, and creating new ones. Including photos from your event in newsletters and announcements for alumni and current attendees helps to build comradery and a shared sense of belonging. Spotlighting successful alumni connects a new generation to the previous ones, and benefits the perception of your organization.

Tell Your Story

Photographs create a shared story that enhances the connection with your most valuable support base. Investing in your alumni through event photography shows them that you feel they are important and worth the attention. Whether it’s an athletic, fundraising, or networking event, or a lecture, luncheon, or an alumni awards night, Gustavo Fernandez Photography is committed to capturing each defining moment.

Professional and Fast Service

When you choose GFP, you can rest assured that every important moment will be captured with your brand and message in mind. Images from corporate events are important marketing tools, and we work hard to deliver them to you — quickly.

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San Francisco Alumni Event Photographer

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