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FAQs: Headshots

Frequently Asked Questions About Headshots

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What is a headshot?

A headshot is a photograph of one’s head and shoulders, with the main focus of the image being the face. Photos often feature a solid or neutral background, and can be cropped vertically or horizontally.

Who needs a professional headshot?

  • Corporate Leaders such as CEOs, CFOs, and COOs
  • Lawyers and Law Firm Staff
  • Presidents, VPs, Board Members
  • Investors, Financial Firms, Private Wealth Managers
  • Bankers, Brokers, and Accountants
  • Realtors / Real Estate Agents
  • Small Business Owners
  • Fortune 500 Corporations
  • Human Resources / HR Officers
  • Authors
  • Public Speakers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Marketing Professionals
  • IT Techs
  • Sales Reps
  • Medical Professionals: Doctors, Nurses, and Caretakers
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives
  • Dentists and Hygienists
  • Therapists
  • Performing Artists: Actors, Dancers, Musicians

Where can you use your new headshots?

  • Company Website
  • Social Media
  • Press Releases
  • Business Cards
  • Newsletters
  • Marketing Materials
  • Email Signatures
  • ID Badges

What backgrounds can I choose from?

About 80% of our clients choose white, but we also have solid black, for a more formal, dramatic look, as well as several tones of grey. Check out our page on backgrounds for examples.

If you want something more environmental, GFP can also photograph you and your team inside your office, with your workspace as the background, or on location outdoors.

Can you come to my office to photograph headshots?

Absolutely! We can set up a portable studio in the conference room or lobby of your office building and get all of your employees photographed in one day.

Do you have a location I can go to for my photos?

We find it is usually more convenient to photograph employees in their place of business, as it takes less time out of your day. If you prefer to come to us, we can accommodate that.

I have a specific “look” I am going for, will you work with me to achieve that?

Yes, of course! Feel free to send over any personal preference or specifications your company requires ahead of your session. This way we can make sure we have everything we need to deliver your perfect headshot.

Is a professional hair and make up artist available for hire?

Yes, we have several trusted hair and make up artists we can hire for your headshots, either for full service individual treatment or for minor touchups on multiple people before they sit for their portrait.

Do my employees get to choose their favorite headshot? When?

Yes, every subject will be able to choose their favorite photo immediately after their photo was taken. We will photograph them until they are happy with their image. We will then retouch and perfect all the chosen headshots, and deliver to you within 3-5 business days.

How many images will I see?

We will photograph you until you are happy with your photos, which may be just a few frames, or dozens. You don’t leave the set until you are satisfied.

How many subjects can you photograph per hour with a Headshot Station?

About 40 people per hour can get a professional headshot with each Headshot Station set up.

Do you provide retouching? What is included?

Basic retouching is included on all images ordered. This includes global edits such as contrast, white balance, and RAW to JPG image conversion. Individual edits include smoothing or reducing fine lines, skin softening and touch-ups, hair adjustments such as stray hair removal and flyaways, removal of minor debris or marks on clothing, teeth whitening and brightening of the eyes.

How quickly after my photo shoot can I have the images?

You will see the images before you leave the session, and will have the retouched high resolution jpegs in your inbox within 3-5 business days.

Can you come to my place of business each month and photograph all new hires?

Yes, we have standing contracts with many local businesses where we photograph all new hires and anyone who wants updated images each month.

How often do you recommend getting headshot photos updated?

Your headshot should never be more than a year or so old. To keep your images current, GFP offers refresher headshot days every so often to update the team photos. You can choose to do this annually, bi-annually, quarterly, or even monthly, depending on how fast your business is expanding.

How much does it cost?

Headshots are priced on a sliding scale, with high-volume options available. See Pricing page for details.

How do I book my headshot?

Are you ready to get your photos taken? Contact GFP today to get on the schedule!

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