I was a social butterfly as a kid which landed me in a military academy to finish high school. That chatty personality in turn made me one of the top sales reps in the country in my previous pharma sales job, and now lets me have fun with my clients and their friends every weekend.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic and have lived in Italy, Spain. California is the fourth state I have lived in.

I speak three languages. Spanish my first (born and raised in the DR), English my second (sent to American school at second grade), and Italian my third (lived in Rome for 8th and 9th grade).

I love to travel! Last year took me to The British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Stockholm, Brussels, and Amsterdam! Good friends and great wine are a perfect combination.

I give back. I created my own charity to benefit children in the Dominican Republic. Check out www.hogforkids.com. I am an active member of The Guardsmen and volunteer for Make a Wish.

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